Sunday, 26.3.2023 14:00-16:30 CST (GMT+8)

Session 1: Chair Thomas Moser
– Introduction 14:00 – 14:10
– Spatial Considerations: Hybridizing Production Modes for an Immersive Adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” 14:10-14:40 (presented online by Hannes Rall)
– Co-building Viewer’s Representation: Animated Documentary Extended by Virtual Reality from the Perspective of Anthropology 14:40-15:10 (presented online by Chunning Maggie Guo)
– Interactive Spatialized animations in “The Wedding Chamber Project” as a methodology to produce phenomenological diegetic renderings inside an XR immersive environment 15:10-15:40 (presented online by Andres Montenegro)
– Artistic Exploration of Stop-Motion Animation in Virtual Reality: Spatializing the Analog Techniques of 2D Replacement and Object Animation by Using Digital Cutout and Realtime Rendering 15:40-16:10 (presented online by Franziska Bruckner & Julian Salhofer)
– Closing 16:10 – 16:15