Sunday, 13.3.2022 8:00-11:00 NZT (GMT+13) (workshop will be a virtual event – click here to join the zoom event)

Session 1: Chair Jürgen Hagler
– introduction 8:00 – 8:10
– Towards AR for Large-Scale Robotics 8:10-8:30 (presented by Johannes Braumann)
– Digital Puppetry: Utilizing Extended Reality Technologies for Animations 8:30-8:50 (prerecorded video by Milad Tousi)
– View-Adaptive Asymmetric Image Detail Enhancement for 360-degree Stereoscopic VR Content 8:50-9:10 (prerecorded video by Mike Wong)
– Behind the Curtains: Comparing Mozilla Hubs with Microsoft Teams in a Guided Virtual Theatre Experience 9:10-9:30 (prerecorded video by Nils Gallist)

break of 20 mins 9:30-9:50

Session 2: Chair Vladimir Todorovic
– introduction 9:50-10:00
– Virtual Veracity: Animated Documentaries and Mixed Realities 10:00-10:20 (presented by Nea Ehrlich)
– A Cardboard-Based Virtual Reality Study on Self-Avatar Appearance and Breathing 10:20-10:40 (prerecorded video by Dixuan Cui)
– Pericles VR: Insights into visual development and gamification of a lesser known Shakespeare play 10:40-11:00 (presented by Hannes Rall)