Welcome to ANIVAE-2019!

24.3.2019 in Osaka, Japan
Osaka International Convention Center

held in conjunction with IEEE Virtual Reality 2019


Keynote by Hannes Rall (Nanyang Technological University Singapore)

Everything must change? Challenges for animated storytelling in VR

VR enables the viewer to freely choose the point of the view: Instead of being bound to a predefined screen format, he/she “becomes” the camera. This poses a huge challenge for communicating a narrative, because essential storytelling tools like framing and editing are not available to the filmmaker anymore, or must be radically rethought. On the basis of his current animation project ShakesVRare (a collaboration with the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon), Hannes Rall explains the reasons and challenges for creating a linear narrative in VR and demonstrates possible solutions.